Frequently Asked Questions

Regal Kitchen Food Service Offers Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook Food products specially designed for the HoReCa Chains, QSRs and Cloud Kitchens to minimize the operational cost.

All the Regal Kitchen Food Service products comes in packaging size of 1 Kg.

Our products have a shelf life ranging between 12-24 months.

No refrigeration is required before opening the product. After opening, it can be refrigerated for 24-36 hours.

The secret behind the long shelf life of our products lies in the Retort Technology .It is a  technique where the product is thoroughly sterilized at 121 degree Celsius.

Regal uses top-quality and flavourful ingredients to create its products. Our products will give your dishes a defined, consistent taste that will stay the same and provide authentic, balanced flavour across all your preparations.

No! All our base gravies and other products provide you the flexibility and versatility to create more than one dish with equal convenience.

All our products come with a detailed packaging that includes instructions on how to use them in your cooking.

Not at all! In fact, your capital costs will be minimized as your need for workforce, raw material and mother kitchens will completely be taken care of through just one purchase of Regal products. Not to mention time-saving, efficiency and reduced efforts that will give your brand enough room for upscaling.

If you want your brand to become a successful chain in the HoReCa industry, Regal Kitchen Food Service products will help you get there with ease and minimize costs. Our products will not just reduce time, efforts and expenses, but also give your dishes a consistent taste that builds for your brand a loyal customer base organically.