Gulab Jamun (Pack of 3) 1 Kg Each

  • No Artificial Colours: This pack contains no artificial colours or flavours or added preservatives or MSG.  100% natural and easy to use.
  • Quick and Easy: Satisfy Your Appetite with Our Convenient 90-second Microwavable Ready-to-Eat Delights! Ideal for individuals and families with active lifestyles. Say Farewell to Lengthy Kitchen Preparations.
  • Perfect for Every Occasion: Elevate Your Get-Together with Delicious Ready-to-Eat Treats. Their Versatility Makes Them Appropriate for Any Occasion, from Casual Get-Togethers to Elegant Affairs.
  • Unmatched Taste: Embark on a Journey of Captivating Fragrance and Unparalleled Freshness with Our Desi Gulab Jamun, Perfected through Innovative Flavor Techniques.


The Regal Kitchen Desi Swaad Gulab Jamun is a testament to Regal Kitchen Desi Swaad cuisine’s artistry. Carefully blending ingredients and techniques turns humble Gulab Jamun into a harmonious explosion of flavours. 

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1) What is the price of Regal Kitchen Desi Swaad Gulab Jamun on Amazon?

Answer: The price of Regal Kitchen Desi Swaad Gulab Jamun on Amazon is Rs 216 for only 1kg. 


2) Is Regal Kitchen Desi Swaad Gulab Jamun ISO Certified?

Answer: Yes

Weight 1 kg

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