Kadai Red Base Gravy (Pack of 3) 1 Kg Each

Free from artificial flavors and preservatives 

This gravy has no preservatives, meaning the food is free from any chemicals. Artificial flavours are additives organized to imitate natural ingredients’ taste. It’s free from all such artificial flavors.

Natural vegetables 

Regal kitchen desi swads base gravy contains natural vegetables which are beneficial for our health. They make our diet nutritious. 

Securing Packaging

By preventing outside pollutants from getting inside, tightly sealed packaging helps retain the product’s safety and freshness. At room temperature, it has a long shelf life of 24 months. The product is disinfected. Using retort technology at 121 degrees Celsius.

Time – Saving 

It’s easy to prepare within 90 seconds because people with busy schedules could consume this ready-to-use. 

Wellness Concerns

Sunflower oil (TBHQ-free) and olive oil were used in the cooking procedure of  Regal Kitchen Desi Swad Kadai Red Base Gravy, a product with a low salt content. Products without trans fat and low in cholesterol. No loss of flavor or nutritional content; natural nutrient value maintained. There is no use of palm or soybean oil.

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  1. Any allergen advice about this product? 

This includes milk products. It is manufactured in a place that processes Peanut, Mustard Seeds, Nuts (Cashew, Almond), Wheat Gluten, Sesame and Soy products. 


  1. Is it free from all kinds of artificial flavors or preservatives?

This gravy has no added preservatives or colors added in it. All in all, it’s made from natural ingredients.

Weight 1 kg


1 review for Kadai Red Base Gravy (Pack of 3) 1 Kg Each

  1. Nitesh

    I purchased Kadai Red Base Gravy for my hotel from Regal Kitchen and the taste was delecious. Since I’m using Kadai Red Base Gravy that made by Regal Kitchen till then folk are loving our food. I would like to use other gravies in future.

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