Dal Makhani (Pack of 3) 1 Kg Each

Real Indian Tasting Notes 

With great care, Regal Kitchen Desi Swad produces our 300-gram Dal Makhani to give it a traditional and authentic flavor that perfectly embodies Indian food. With a thick, creamy foundation, aromatic spices, kidney beans, and black lentils combined harmoniously, every bite will take it right into the heart of India. Savor this cherished classic’s authentic flavor at home.

Assurance of Quality 

SEDEX often uses conscientious manufacturing quality control processes to inspect products for defects or safety issues before their release to consumers. The Regal Kitchen Desi Swad has received approval from both Halal Certified and Kosher Certified.

Prevent synthetic preservatives 

Without preservatives, Consume Regal Kitchen Desi Swad is a safety feature that people who are worried about additives can use. Specific customers prefer food products without artificial preservatives. MSG still needs to be added.

Healthy Challenges 

Olive oil and sunflower oil (free of TBHQ) were used in the cooking process to make Regal Kitchen Desi Swad, an item with little to no salt. Goods with minimal cholesterol and no trans fat. There is no taste or nutritional value loss; the natural nutrient value is preserved. Soybean or palm oil is not used.

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  • How should the 300-gram Dal Makhani pack be heated?

Make a vent for the steam to escape from the packing to heat the Dal Makhani pack. After that, cook it in a pot over the hob or for 90 seconds in the microwave. Make sure to thoroughly cook it before serving.


  • Does the product contain any artificial additives?

Preservatives, artificial colouring, and artificial ingredients are absent from Regal Kitchen Desi Swad Dal Makhani. It is designed to provide an authentic, unadulterated flavour.

Weight 1 kg

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