Dal Tadka (Pack of 3) 1 kg Each

  • Protecting the Packing:

Firmly sealed packaging helps maintain the product’s freshness and safety by keeping outside contaminants out. Its lengthy shelf life is 24 months at room temperature. The item has been sanitized. At 121 degrees Celsius with retort technology.

  • Ethnic Perspectives:

Try Regal Kitchen Desi Swad Dal Tadka if you want to experience the authentic taste of India without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Warm and comforting flavors enjoyed for decades can be enjoyed after heating and serving. It brings a lovely taste of India to your plate and is the epitome of comfort food.

  • Wholesome Goodness 

Full of fiber, vital nutrients, and plant-based protein, it’s a healthy and filling dinner option. Regal Kitchen Desi Swad was cooked with olive oil and sunflower oil (TBHQ-free). Items with little to no salt. Goods with minimal cholesterol and no trans fat. There is no taste or nutritional value loss; the natural nutrient value is preserved. Soybean or palm oil is not used.

  • Without preservatives

Preservative-free alternatives abound, guaranteeing a healthy choice for dinner.


  • What is the duration of Dal Tadka’s shelf life?

 At room temperature, it has a long shelf life of 24 months. The product is disinfected. Using retort technology at 121 degrees Celsius.


  • Is there no preservative in this product?

Preservative-free Regal Kitchen Desi Swad is a safety feature for individuals concerned about additives. Some consumers prefer food products free of artificial preservatives. There was no MSG added.

Weight 1 kg

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