Lahsooni Tikka Marinade (Pack of 3) 1 Kg Each

Easy to Use 

It is simple and quick to prepare. Microwaveable for 90 seconds.

No Compromise

Suitable for vegans and part of a well-balanced diet, vegans have a wide range of dietary choices.

Assurance of Quality

The emphasis on good products at Regal Brands Desi Swad, high sanitation rules, and respect for food safety laws all contribute to a pleasurable and safe dining experience.


It’s perfect for people on the go or those searching for a quick and tasty dinner because it can be cooked and eaten in minutes.

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  • Could one replace different meats or vegetables in Lehsuni Tikka?

Definitely! Lehsuni Tikka can be cooked with various ingredients, including paneer, chicken, lamb, fish, or a vegetable medley. The marination process can be tailored to your choice of protein or vegetables.


  • What should one pair with Lehsuni Tikka?

Lehsuni Tikka has many sides, including mint chutney, naan, roti, or steamed rice. It may be served in many ways.

Weight 1 kg

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