Reshmi Tikka Marinade 1 Kg Each

  • Health Nourishment: Elevate Your Wellness with Vital Nourishment and natural ingredients for a delicious Regal Kitchen Desi Swaad’s Reshmi Tikka Marinade. Free from harmful additives, it’s Kosher and Halal certified. Prioritise your health today!
  • Excellent in Taste: Immerse yourself in the alluring aroma and unmatched freshness of our Reshmi Tikka Marinade, safeguarded by cutting-edge flavour preservation technology.
  • Easy and Quick: Ready to eat and can be microwaved in 90 seconds.
  • No Artificial Colours: This package is free of MSG, artificial colouring, flavours, and additional preservatives. 24-month shelf life, convenient and easy to use, and 100% natural.


Enjoy effortless Dining with Regal Kitchen Desi Swaad Reshmi Tikka Marinade.

Embark on a Flavorful Culinary Journey with Regal Kitchen Desi Swaad Reshmi Tikka Marinade! Discover the Authentic Essence of Regal Kitchen Desi Swaad Reshmi Tikka Marinade.


1) Is Regal Kitchen Desi Swaad Reshmi Tikka Marinade Halal?

Answer: Yes, it is FSSAI Kosher Halal Certified.


2) Who is the Manufacturer of Reshmi Tikka Marinade?

Answer: Reshmi Tikka Marinade is Manufactured by Regal Kitchen Foods Ltd.


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