Red Tandoori Marinade 1 Kg Each

  • Guarantee of elevated benchmarks 

Production that is responsible Before a product is sold to consumers, SEDEX frequently uses quality control procedures to inspect it for flaws or safety issues.

  • Absence of synthetic flavors and preservatives

Preservative-free indicates that there are no chemicals in our Red Tandoori Marinade. Ads designed to mimic the flavor of natural substances are known as artificial flavors. All of these artificial tastes are absent.

  • Saving Time

It is ready to use and takes only 90 seconds to prepare, making it a good option for people with hectic schedules.

  • Ordinary and Genuine

This marinade is inspired by the traditional tandoori cooking method, which grills food in a clay oven (tandoor) after it has been marinated in a mixture of yogurt and spices. The end product is a dish with a juicy, soft texture and an authentic, smokey flavor.


  • What’s marinated in red Tandoori?

Often associated with Indian cuisine, Red Tandoori Marinade is a delicious spice blend used to marinate meats and vegetables. It usually gives the food it coats a red color and a mixture of spices.

  • Does Red Tandoori Marinade have synthetic preservatives in it?

Preservative-free means that our Red Tandoori Marinade is free of chemicals. Artificial tastes are those used in advertisements that are meant to resemble the flavors of natural foods. There are none of these fake flavors.


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