Malai Tikka Marinade (Pack of 3) 1 Kg Each

No MSG Added 

MSG implies monosodium glutamate or additive. MSG contains sodium. This may even show symptoms after its consumption. So basically this food is MSG-free. 

Trans fat

Regal Kitchen desi swads product Malai Tikka Marinade has 0 trans fat, which implies that the manufacturer has reduced the percentage of trans fat from the product to 0.5 grams per serving. 

With added turmeric

Turmeric provides a beautiful yellow colour to the food. It’s also known as an anti-inflammatory; turmeric helps the digestion process and boosts your immune system. 

No loss of flavour and nutritional value

Malai Tikka Marinade, a product by Regal Kitchen Desi Swad, is fully nutritious and healthy for one’s health even though it consists of varieties of spices, it’s still suitable for providing you with nutrients. Rich in nutrients with the best mix of flavours. 

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  1. Is Malai Tikka by Regal Kitchen Desi Swad free from all preservatives or artificial colours?

Yes, this Malai Tikka is free from all such preservatives that are harmful to one’s health and all additives added to give colour to the food. 


  • What is the shelf life of this product? 

Malai Tikka has a shelf life of about 24 months, which is quite a long time for the usage of a particular product. 

Weight 1 kg

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